Counterfeit Money

100% undetectable counterfeit money at your disposal. We have the best quality and we'll put any other supplier to the test.

SSD Chemical Solution

Our SSD chemical solution is Grade A. We provide solution for cleaning old and black money prints. We guarantee excellent results and we'll give your money back if you're not satisfied!

Fake Documents

We produce the best quality fake documents that are registered in your country's database. Our documents are legit and we produce them in record time!


We are the best producers of counterfeit bank notes. With over 21 years of experience in the business, we have techniques in printing almost every currency in the world.

We use cutting edge technology to guarantee fake banknotes that are 100% undetectable. When you place your order with us, rest assured that you are ordering the best and you are running no risks because our notes will never be detected.

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Our Services

We offer the following services

Undetectable Fake Bank Notes

We have all major currencies, fake US Dollars, fake euro bills, fake pounds, fake canadian dollars, fake australian dollarsetc. Our bills are 100% undetectable.

Top Quality SSD Chemical Solution

Our secret SSD chemical solution formula will clean your black prints and produce the best quality sparkling notes! We sell and teach you how to use our SSD Chemical.

Forged Documents

We forge and deliver undetectable fake documents like; passports, driver's licenses, residence permits, birth certificates, death certificates, IELTS and many others in record time!

Our Skills

This is what makes us the best amongst our competitors


We have a trained team who respect privacy, punctuality and quality. Your work will always be done in time, your package will always be prepared and shipped on time, your information is kept secret, it can never be shared with a third party.

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